The Ticket

How was it?”


Sorry, Sir…
But, this is not meant for our service.”


“W… What…?”


“I’m sorry, Sir.”


Okay… Thank you very much.”


“You’re welcome, Sir.
Have a good day!”



Good day…?


How could i have such a thing?

I didn’t even know where to go!



Walking without any direction…

Dead tired, there i sat near the phone booth…


Hands went down the pocket, grabbed that one thing that…
Had been haunting me in this last two months!

Wh… Where was…

Ah… Here it was…




“What’s this, Grandpa?”


Coughing, gently he lifted that thing up.

“Ah… This, is what i want to give you…
You know…
The inheritance.”


B… But… What exactly is that?”

I’ve been looking at it from five sides, but…

That didn’t help at all!

As far as i can see, it’s just a…


“It’s The Ticket.”


“The Ticket?”


Nodded weakly, he said.

“Yes. I can’t explain what this is, Sonny.
You have to find out by yourself.”


And… That’s that!

Without any further instruction, he left…

A peaceful smile on his face, completely oblivious to what did his gift do to me!



Since that day, i’ve been wandering everywhere.

Train station, bus stations, travel agents, even airports!



I didn’t know what ticket is this, and why was i holding it.


Sighed heavily…


Why did he give me this?


I mean…

The others got much cooler things!

Albert got a golden watch…

Shirley got a set of jewelries…

Amanda even got a car!


With his golden watch, Albert was hitting on girls. And with a high success rate too, i’d say.

With her jewelries, Shirley was hooked up with some rich guy from France.

And with her car, Amanda was travelling to other countries!


All my dreams… All my wants…

Shattered right there, before my eyes…

Watching those guys, with big smiles on their faces, waving around what they have.




I was envious…


Ah, thinking like this, would only make me down.

Pushing The Ticket deep in my pockets, i stood up.



If Grandpa didn’t give me what i want…

Then maybe… He didn’t love me at all…







“Ah… Excuse me, but…
Are you happened to be Darren? Scott’s grandson?”


Frowning i was…

“… Yes…
And…? Who’re you?”


Sigh of relief, quickly he approached!

Grabbed my hand and shook it firmly.

“I’m your Grandpa’s closest friend!
Jack’s the name!
I knew it! I recognized you from the funeral.
So! What’re you doing here?”


“Ah… I was just…”


“Well, it’s not comfy at all to have a conversation like this.
What do you say?
Shall we have a nice cup of coffee while chatting?”


I shrugged.

“No problem.”



It was not my fashion to go out and have a coffee with a stranger, but…

With my confused and angry mind right now… I didn’t really care…



Sat down face to face, he smiled reassuringly.

“What’re you doing back then?”


Sipped a little, coughed.

“Uhm… Nothing in particular.”




Okay, okay…
I was just finished my… Pointless search…
I was resting back then.”


“Pointless search?”


I nodded.

“You know… Grandpa gave his grandchildren inheritances.
One for each.
My cousins got… Well, fancy things.”


“And? What about you?”


Suddenly, anger rises to the head!

Angrily, i took out that thing and slammed it against the table!



He’s not surprised, nor angry.

With patience, he reached out his hand.

Pulled that thing closer to his side.


For a moment, studying it with interest.

Glowing with excitement, his eyes were!




“Your Grandpa Scott was really thoughtful.”


“Wh… Thoughtful…? What do you…”


“I bet… You’re feeling envious right now…
To your cousins.
Am i right?”




“Well, you didn’t have to…”


“Didn’t have to what!? What’re you talking about?
You’re coming out of nowhere and now you’re teaching me already!?”


Unexpected, he laughed!

“Oh my dear boy… So full of spirit!
Great! Great!”




“Here’s my point, Boy.
Well, sorry if it sounds like an advice…
I can’t have it any other way.”



“You know? Your Grandpa Scott always talked about you.
He said, you’re smart, creative, talented and hard-working.
But also he said, you lack something, Son.”




“Yes, he said that.
So when i heard he gave his grandchildren inheritances, i’m not surprised that you’ll get something…
Ah, unusual… Compared to the others.”


“What…? But…!”


If there’s one thing everybody have in common, it would be wants, right?
Everybody wants something!
I want to finish this coffee, you want to have those fancy things.
But sometimes, The Creator won’t give us what we want, Son.
He gives us what we need.”



“But sometimes, He didn’t just give it to us!
Sometimes, He ask somebody else to give it.
But since the beginning, it’s His.
You understand?”


“N… Not really, no.”


“Hm, put it to you this way.
Here, take this. Bring it to the lady over there.
And don’t forget to say, ‘Have a nice day.'”




“Come on! You want answers right?”




“There! I’ve done it.
What does it mean?”


Calmly, he sipped his coffee.

“Really? How was it?”


“Well, the lady say Thanks.”






“What? You’re not gonna explain?”


“Ah! Sorry, i forgot.
So, here’s the drill.
The lady need money – I have money – I give it to her – Not directly though, I ‘used’ you.
That’s how the universe works most of the time.
That’s how The Creator works.”



“Now, back to your case.
You need answer – The Creator has the answer – He commanded me to come and give it to you.
The answer, that is.”


“But… What’s the answer?”


“That’s what you’re lacking, Son.
Sorry, but i’ve gotta say it.
Your Grandpa always said this.
‘Darren is the most talented young man in the world.
He’s capable of doing anything!
There is no one who can match him.
But… Unfortunately, he always thinks about himself.'”


G… Grandpa…

Y… You’re thinking…


“Yes, Son.
And now, i’m sure you’ve understood what The Ticket is about.”

While saying that, he gave back that thing to me…



“Well, I’ve finished my coffee!
Nice chatting with you, Son!
I can’t wait to have another one with you… The chat, that is.”


“Wa… Wait!
Sir! Sir Jack!”


As quick as the wind…

He’s… Gone…



“Sorry, Miss. Can i borrow your pen?”


“Ah…? Of course.
Here it is.”


“Mm hm… Mm hm…
Okay! Thank you!”


“You’re welcome!”


“Ah… Almost forgot…
Have a good day, Miss!”



The Ticket…

Is not just an ordinary ticket.


The Ticket is not just one ticket also…

The Ticket is a group of paper…


Shaped like name cards, really…

Empty at first…


But once you understand, it’ll become colorful and happy!

With a writing on every one of it…


“Hello. Whoever you are.
I don’t know what’re you struggling on right now.
But i just want you to know.
The Creator loves you!
Have a good day!”


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